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Sep 02

Calling all Spring 2015 Interns!

Looking for an amazing Spring Internship in Nashville OR Atlanta? How perfect - we’re looking for you too - full or part time. Check out the How To Apply Page for more info on the internships we’re offering and how to send us your info.

We’ve got openings for internships in Nashville:

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Aug 07


Apr 11

Intern Project—Blogging 101

When I first walked through the doors of redpepper, I can only imagine that I looked like a seventh grader at the first middle school dance. Nervous, excited and a little awkward, I relived my pre-teen anxieties in the short elevator ride. Although I’ve always been outgoing, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated by the incredible work I’d heard was being done at redpepper. These feelings immediately fled as I was engulfed into redpepper’s culture. I felt at home. I dove right in, and I couldn’t get my hands on enough. I hit a roadblock, however, when it came to picking my intern project. I was in love with the internship: the people, the office, the work, the culture. But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what to do for my project. I perused advertising websites for inspiration and picked the brains of those around me until finally I gave up. I began focusing all of my efforts on my lab. Call it procrastination or call it selective creativity, I was hoping that a project would eventually leap into my lap all on its own before my time was up.

Working on Taonii through lab has given me more hands on experience than I ever would have dreamed of getting as an intern. I truly enjoyed every single aspect. As a member of the marketing team, my tasks included identifying the target market and merchant categories, as well as writing the merchant use case and pitch deck. I started with identifying the target market. Amanda and I worked for a week straight to compile initial research on mobile couponing apps and their users. Additionally, I used PRIZM, P$YCLE and ConneXions databases to attain further information on consumer behavior based on demographic, economic and geographic trends. After another week, I finally identified the target market and created five personas for each of the segments I believed we should go after. After presenting to Jennifer, Erik and Dave, Amanda and I solidified our target into first and second tier segments. From here, I was able to interview redpeppers on their own personal habits in order to identify potential Nashville merchants that Taonii could approach. Compiling this information, I put together a complete merchant list, ultimately identifying that Taonii should first go after restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Next I moved to writing the merchant use case. This task took me about a week, and while at times I wanted to pull out my hair, advice and encouragement from Dave, Jennifer, Erik, and other redpeppers drove me forward. Towards the end of my time at redpepper, my final task was to prepare the pitch deck, a 30 page booklet containing any information about Taonii that anyone could possibly want to know. In putting together the pitch deck, I realized what my internship project would be: sharing my lab experience.

I put my heart and soul into my lab work, and I believe it will be not only what I leave behind as my legacy, but also what I take with me as I make my way into the marketing world. I believe when you’re proud of something, you should shout it from the rooftops and because I think the other businesses in our building might object, the next best platform is the blog. So, as you may have guessed this post is my project. But with it I propose a challenge: every redpepper intern should strive to post twice on the intern blog during their time at redpepper.

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to everyone here at redpepper. I’m truly blessed to have been able to catch a few of the rays your collective creativity and innovation emit. I hope to one day shine half as bright as you all do in my eyes. Thank you for the experience and all the free Altoids.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Oct 28

Call for Spring 2014 Interns!

Are you a kick ass student who has been dreaming of working at redpepper? We’re taking applicants for all programs right now for the Spring semester and we’re looking for the best. Check out the details for each program to find the right fit for you and apply today!

Specifically we need:
Graphic Design Interns
Account Management Interns
Social Media Interns
Marketing & Research Interns

Sep 25

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Over the summer, we were blessed to have 11 extremely talented students join our internship program. They came from many backgrounds and disciplines to work and play with us, and pick up some real world experience. In addition to working with our teams on a multitude of projects, they each…

Aug 30

HELLO! My name is Josh and I was one of the Account Management interns this summer. First and foremost, I love ideas. Small ones, big ones, crazy ones, weird ones, funny ones, outrageous ones it doesn’t matter, I love them all. I decided to take some of my ideas I had for our coffee brand, Primary Coffee Co. and implement them into proposed social media post / campaign ideas.

My first step was to see what other companies were doing that had the same target market as Primary. I researched constantly for about two weeks until I had enough to build off of. I narrowed my efforts down into three companies that each possessed their own individual strengths in their market. Imogene + Willie had a very cohesive strategy on Instagram and Facebook by constantly posting motif influenced photography that allowed you to see what the company stood for without even looking at their products. Secondly, Just One Cup was an online based coffee company that posted quirky and whimsical graphics often on their Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, Frothy Monkey was really connected socially by posting events around Nashville and surrounding areas on their social platforms.

After this, I looked at their campaigns in terms of what worked and what didn’t. I then indulged in a practice I call “brain puking”. I wrote down over a hundred (literally) ideas with some detail on their execution. This took the longest out of all my steps by far.

 After meeting with some social media guru’s here at redpepper I finally narrowed down my ideas to seven:

  1. Creative Champion of the Month: a local creative will be voted in by users and featured throughout the month on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their creative process and details regarding their work will be posted.
  2.  Creative Brewing Process: Primary customers are coffee connoisseurs. So how do you educate them without offending them? Provide an outlet where users can post how they uniquely brew their coffee so that others can get tips without being bossed around.
  3. Contest - Design a Bag: Once every six months users will send in their own designs that illustrate what Primary means to them. Once a winner is chosen, their design will be featured and a limited edition bag will be produced.
  4. Your Primary Events: every Sunday Primary will post local shows, events, and concerts that are “Primary Approved”. Users will know that the social platforms are a trustworthy place to go in order to find out what’s going on during the week.
  5. Daily Primary Accomplishment: Primary coffee is made for creatives by creatives. Every week users can post a picture or description of what the coffee has helped them produce during the week. This will give other users a chance to chime in on others accomplishments by giving them tips or words of encouragement if they are having a creative block.
  6. Weekly Motif Postings: this aspect of the social campaign is the most important. In order to build a strong voice for the brand it needs to be displayed efficiently through photography. Every weekend representative photos will be posted in order to build the brands voice effectively.
  7. Roast / Blend Personalities: why not give each kind of coffee its own personality? From Drive to Delight Primary coffee blends and roasts will have their own voice that represents the step of the creative process they represent. Mondays will be Focus and Drive oriented where article and tips will be displayed that will help creative juices flow wild. Every Friday will be Rest focused and articles that help the brain rest easier will be posted.

I then moved to the media calendar aspect of the project. I had to look at each idea and find out when and how I should present them on social media platforms. Engagement normally is higher on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays so I made sure to schedule posts that required involvement on these days.

The idea process really helped me to think realistically. I normally try to think of the most outrageous and bizarre ideas that will make people look twice. This Primary social media plan made me look at constraints such as time and money that had to fit with the ideas I was proposing. Doing this allowed me to produce ideas that were feasible and could be implemented rather easily.

All in all, I didn’t think I’d learn as much as I did! I actually didn’t even know how far I had come until I reviewed what I had done. The project really helped me organize my thought process and make realistic decisions. Now all I have left to do is put them into action!