1. Quilling Adventures

    For my intern project, I decided to delve into the wonderful world of quilling. My inspiration came from a Russian graphic designer by the name of Yulia Brodskaya who takes the dying art of quilling to an entirely new level.  She creates typographic studies using this paper technique.  Her work can be found here.  

    I’m usually drawn more to projects that require me to work with my hands rather than digital media.  After studying Yulia’s work and doing some research, I decided that I was going to make a solid attempt.  My next quest was to find a relevant quote.

    I recalled a quote that I shamelessly incorporated in the introduction of my cover letter when applying to redpepper. The quote read: “People ignore design that ignores people.” Frank Chimero’s words really resonated with me.  It successfully sums up a crucial part of design.  In order to create effective design, it’s essential to understand demographic and the way that people perceive the world around them as you continue to do the same as a designer.  People respond strongly to things and art that carry a human element; a tangible component that connects them to a specific need, value, or other people.  

    As I pursued this maddening (but fulfilling) process, I realized that the only way to fully grasp the whole composition properly was to stand up on a chair above the table and to constantly be looking at my piece from directly above.  This is something to be take away: the idea that it is important to always observe your work from afar and to consider all details as they mold and work with one another.

    I documented my process in a time lapse video below.  I would like to thank and credit Trent Reznor (soundtrack) for making quilling look even more badass. Because well, it just is.


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