1. The summer interns answered some questions about their time at redpepper.  For the full version of the video, check out the redpepper Vimeo page!

  2. Hello muddah, hello faddah




    I was never a summer camp kid, but I always envied that friendly, cultish hypnosis that camp kids lapsed into with a gleam in their eye when they spoke of their summer adventures. The rest of us had no idea what the hell they were talking about, but get two camp kids together on the playground and the rest of us would sit back and watch in amusement. Everything else disappeared for them and they’d break into secret handshakes, loud chants, and stories that left the other kids bewildered. 

    Bonfires, bunk beds, mosquito bites, swimming in filthy lakes, and songs that made no sense to anyone but other campers– growing up, I always felt like I was missing out on something by not being privy to this childhood portal that opened up sometime in May and spit kids back out on the schoolyard in mid-August. 

    It’s not exactly the same (although the reaktr does have a rustic screen door!) but this summer at redpepper we had the biggest flock of interns to date, and it has felt like a little taste of camp that I never got. I must say, I’m beginning to have some insight on the quirky mentality of the camp cult. 

    There was our cabin (the west side conference room was quickly dubbed “the intern lair”),


    chant sing-a-longs (the intern lair never stopped blaring “We Can’t Stop.” I can assure you, it was enough to drive even the soundest of mind insane):

    summer of miley

    weird inside jokes: (please don’t ask)


     and a bittersweet farewell party that ended in an all-hands-in cheer. Yes, there really was a group cheer. In public. At Dave & Buster’s. By a bunch of 20-something’s in matching shirts. The dorkiness does not escape me. One thing I have learned about camp psychology is that looking like an ass doesn’t stop you from participating, and further, that looking like an ass is often the point. 

    Let the summer of 2013 be the summer of interns, and may we all meet again sometime when the weather’s hot and there are ghost stories to be told with the dramatic aid of a flashlight.

    -Stephanie, summer 2013 design intern


  3. Are you our next intern?


    UPDATE: The Account Management and Copywriting Intern Positions for Spring 2012 have been filled. Thanks everyone who applied. The Graphic Design Internship is still open.

    As a redpepper intern, you’ll contribute firsthand to something we hold as the highest importance – our culture. We are addicted to learning, collaborating and being actively creative on a daily basis. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the ad world, build relationships in the industry, get a taste of a truly collaborative work environment, and probably even pick up a new skill set or two.

    Of course, your days here will largely be what you make of them. You can be part of changing this place if you want, but that comes through initiative, courage, and some elbow grease. And you’ll have a mentor whose brain you can pick along the way, as long as you’re ready to return the favor. 

    You might be thinking, how much can really happen in a three-month, 20 hour a week (minimum) internship? Well, that’s exactly our question to you.

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  4. Don’t Bring Donuts

    Well, that time has finally come.

    Eric and I have finished our internship here at redpepper. We can’t believe it’s already over! We had tons of fun! It was an amazing and incredibly valuable experience. Thank you.

    For our intern project, we wanted to give back to the redpepper intern program by creating a state of the art redpepper Intern Orientation Film. This will give future interns a little glimpse of what to expect and, of course, remind them to have fun.

    THANKS redpepper!!!!

    Eric & Stef